Idealism in Design

As part of the breakout session of WDCD, the AGI NL (a-g-i.org ) were present to debate and discuss on the topic of ‘Idealism in Design’.


What started out as a general take on the topic, quickly turned into a heated debate. One partipant mentioned that "the word idealism should be banned' as it creates a fantatic point of view, and brings political and religious issues into play.  

He went on to criticise a respected guest speaker from the UK about a piece of work he’d created, and the role he felt a Graphic Designer should play in todays market. Needless to stay, the entire audience got involved with everyone having their own views on semiotics and the perception of the word idealism. 
What started out was a wish to not be an idealist, the provocateur confirmed that he certainly was one by judging another's ‘ideals’ in the profession of design. After chatting with some of the audience afterwards, the general feeling was that there was a large generation gap between older Graphic Designers, and the new generation of practicioners. This to me poses the question: is there still such a thing as a pure Graphic Designer nowadays, considering we are all cross medial. The notion of ‘Idealism in Graphic Design’ could possibly be summed up as a wish to progress and span the relevancy of the profession.

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